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Chantry Works On Regeneration

Over the past few months Chantry Estates, 27 West Road, Newcastle have been working closely with Newcastle City Council and their landlords in areas of Newcastle that have suffered neglect over the past few years to bring the properties back up to a reasonable standard.  

This is all part of a 15 year plan from the council covering 77,000 homes across Walkergate, Walker, Byker, West City, Benwell, Elswick, Scotswood, Fenham, Wingrove and parts of Kenton, Moorside, Blakelaw, Fawdon and Monkchester in Newcastle. 

The most recent involvement for Chantry Estates was the regeneration of properties on Joan Street area in Benwell. The scheme is aimed to make the area look more presentable, improve the interior of the homes and tackle health issues and crime in the area. 

The properties have new walls and railings, steps, windows and doors to the front of the properties as well as new coverings to the bay windows, to the rear new rear gates have been provided to make the properties more presentable and secure.  

For the council to provide this landlords had to spend their own money to provide double glazing to the rear of the properties, interlinked smoke alarms and heat detectors, carry out all necessary outstanding internal repairs and decoration, in some cases new rear doors, bring the electrics up to standard to pass certificate, bring heating facilities up to safety standard with thermostatic valves and damp proofing in some cases. Most of this work was carried out by Chantry Estate’s team of contractors.  

The properties have a much better standard inside and out and this has improved the letting in the area and has also changed the way in which tenants look after the properties as they wish to keep them in good order, we expect that this will also persuade tenants to stay on in the properties and improve rental prices in the area.  


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Article Courtesy of Les Burnip @ Chantry Estates

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